Hello, nice of you to drop by. 

I am Latika and also lailum. 

I am a visual communicator and an integrated designer, but honestly, that is constantly changing and evolving each year.

Over time, I have found a million ways to express myself and fortunately happen to be good at some like illustrations, hand-crafting, filming, storytelling and writing. Eventually, I see myself as farmer somewhere in India, who will bottle the best jams and run the prettiest art school for all village folks. 


(legit information below so you may take me seriously..hehe) 

I have graduated as a Graphic Designer from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India and earned my Masters degree in Art as an Integrated Designer from Hochschule Anhalt, Germany. I have worked with many design studios and Non-profit organisation in India. Currently, I am in Germany trying to write a book on sustainable practices in India. 



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