In a sea of gloom with a cup of cocoa

You walk around alone

with your head phones plugged in

with every song that plays

plays with your emotions




like waves of a sea of gloom


At work

you open tabs

read nothing

scroll down, endlessly

see nothing

people gossip

hear nothing


the sea of gloom

floods your mind

you go home


you stumble across your room

trying to find purpose

shift things around

and then do ur laundry

your emotions spin




in that sea of gloom

you don’t want the day to end 

because you want to know why

you feel 

they way you did


but your body is tired 

from feeling too much

so you search for aspirin 

and find cocoa

you make a cup

and in the first sip

you understand the day


how lovely it is to drown in the sea of gloom

and to be saved by a cup of cocoa