Humility around Stupidity.

I know as I write that as the title, I am already coming across as a total dick. It's true I have been one. One big asshole. Better now because I can write about it and address that side. 

Even now, like most times when I tell someone I have been wrong, I want to start by explaining the backstory that will support or reason my latter bad behaviour. I really want to do that and show you how its not my fault if you look at the larger picture. But I won't. Also, I am not going worry about all the people I meet who do equal amount of shit and I never see them apologise for it. I don't have that time, even though it does make me mad and in a way feel weak. Why am I the only one apologising or feeling this feeling. Is my conscious too weak? Am I too apologetic?

If it is on my mind then well.

Thanks to some of my closest friends I have been made to realise that no matter how far you might go with your work, its not worth it if you can't be nice to the people near you. This is something I tend to forget when I get pushy about my ideas. I get so blinded by them that I forget to see the goodness in others around me. It's terrible. I end up being miserable and inside I am yelling at me to shut up and give others the space. We all tend to do that when we feel our ideas are worth fighting for and I truly feel that there is nothing wrong in that. Unless you can't be proven otherwise, people you work with should help in making things flow instead of making them slow. Shit hits the fan when that happens around me. It's horrible because you want to spend all you energies in making that idea possible, but then you are also expected to take some of that energy to be nice to ones who are fucking it up in the name of team work. But even after all that argument in my favour, I will still say that humility around stupidity will take you way further than your idea will.

And yes, it is so x 100 difficult to do, especially around timelines and descending patience lines. It gets worse when your mental wavelengths and frequencies don't match. To add on to that are cultural differences and age gaps. DAMN! Working in teams is so overrated until you realise you are also the asshole in the group.

But this is for the ones with a sensitive conscious. Just remember that the fruition of your great idea will not give you peace if you have been a dick to others. The feeling of a failed project is way better that the guilt of being an asshole to someone over that project. In failure, at least you will have someone to laugh it out with. so be nice.