coconut oil.

Today, I saw people in my class look at bottle of coconut oil with wonder.

One guy asked ‘what is it?’

The other one asked ‘where can you get it?’

and the third one asked ‘what does it do?’

Similar conversations followed over a bar of soap. Okay I might be exaggerating a little bit here and there, but the shock value is not being overstated. Seriously! WTF. 

This kind of ignorance is cute in a way but not when you come from the land of coconut champis and people here are trying to tell you about the greatness of this new western research.

Coconut oil dude. He is like the nice, simple friend from your neighbourhood. You grew up with him and he was always there for you, even if you did not always hang out with him. He was just there. Sometimes your mum would ask you to play with him instead of the notorious street kids and you would do it keep your mum happy. It was all okay but you just did not want your cool friends to see you with him because he was kinda sticky. But coconut oil dude, he'll aways be a part of the family.

So you know we don't need recognitions from the west to tell us we are awesome. We were awesome before it became mainstream. This is not just about coconut oil, its about everything, the design, art, music, film, entrepreneur, startup scene and all other scenes I know nothing about but I'm sure are doing an awesome job. Give yourself a pat on the back and stop waiting for a western website to feature your work. You are awesome and kicking ass and you don't need the west to see it to be grandiosely noticed and awarded. And yea, about time that whole 'copy from the west' stopped. It is pointless and ineffective. We are, through our work generating our own identity and it is already being reckoned with. Just have to work on staying authentic.

Back in India, cribbing about the government, the people, the hypocrisy is as common as the pan stained stairways. It's when you are far away from it, you appreciate the levels of beautifully crafted mess.