live it down.

Once my professor asked us if we wanted to ‘live’ or ‘exist’.

Everyone said the wanted to live like existing was the choice made by some loser. When I said there was nothing wrong in existing, I remember everyone giving me the ‘she-is-again-trying-to-be-different-look’. I still don’t think there is anything wrong in existence but like conscious existence. If someone chooses to exist it does not mean that they stop living, or they live a life, uninspired. 

I think if they consciously choose to exist, they are very brave. It is easy to have the same dreams, to dream big and want more. You know, doing things that gives you a meaning in society. Everybody does that.

I think now the real rebels are those who choose to dream ‘small’. When someone decides to not want that fancy car, even when they can afford it, that to me shows courage. If people today can find peace in lifestyles that are humble and not defined by consumption, technology or economic developments, that to me is living it up!

I do have a problem with this tech-world and it is partly cynical of me because technology is good. I just wish it would slow down. Inventions today are not timeless and they create more waste than ever. A spoon is a timeless invention. People need to make things like spoons, they are useful, humble and they are timeless. 

I remember telling my parents in final design school years that I wanted to become a farmer, I felt in that way I would be able to live a sustained life and not clutter this world further, they laughed. And maybe that was not the path for me but I wish the society encouraged this. I wish it were cool to dream small.

(old post_probably 2 years old)