The five signs of ageing

Figured all the FIVE signs of ageing {Without OLAY selling it to me though an airbrushed campaign}

Dullness. When you learn to settle for things and situations around you and that lil rebel yell inside you dies. You stop taking a stand and start acting like you’re part of a stupid mob.  

Dryness. When you stop smiling or crying. You hide away real feelings and emotions to appear strong and this unaffected person.

Dark spots. When you think you are always right and stick to your point of view. Your ego does not give space for a different new opinion. Basically, when you become a stubborn asshole.

Lack of firmness. When you stop being a sport in life. Adrenaline rushes become a thing of the past. You don’t sit on airport luggage conveyor belts when your friend dares you. You get lazy to the point of no return.

Wrinkles. When your spunk start sagging. Unreal ideas and dreams don’t uplift you no more. You get ‘practical’ and keep believing its not possible in the ‘real world’. You’re not excited by the idea of 6 months of darkness in the Arctic or the thought of visiting an unexplored Mongolian village over California.

I am not saying ageing is bad thing. In fact, I wish people stopped making it look so damn dreadful. We just need to see what makes it so repulsive, just so we can do it right and embrace it beautifully.