same pinch

One person does it and everyone starts doing the same.

Is this how to trend? To be a part of the happening? 


Seen those crazy mouth watering tasty videos?

They make all the good old cooking shows look so lame.


They are so good, you’d never think of them as bad.

They make you drool between work, and then you tag your friends. 

“We have to try this!” And you do.

And it never turns out they way you expected. Like life.


So what is really going on and why do I have a problem with this?


umm, maybe because…


Cooking is so much about patience, something this age truly lacks, 

and everything those 10 second tasty recipe videos don't respect.


I don’t mean to sit around and criticise all the time,

But while I am doing that, I want to say this is about patience and

not some new trend that Buzzfeed started, which I agree is awesome.


But, this is about 'patience', a.k.a 'the zen', a.k.a 'calm the fuck down everybody.'

We can’t master ‘A’ skill because ‘B’ is already trending, so we must move on.

And the world will applaud you for that. Yes, you will be rewarded. 


It takes a really long time to get good at something. 

Today we don’t have time for that, because ‘OMG did you check that out?’

‘We totally need to do that too, everyones doing it, its trending like cray.’