Most Likely

I am going to wake up in the morning and check my phone, with eyes struggling to open through the rheum. I will check my Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail and the likes. Most likely, I am going to have great start to the day if I see a lot of likes on my posts. And most likely, I am going to have cranky start to the day if I got tagged in some shitty pictures.

Okay confession, but a very obvious one. I like to look cool on Facebook, I monitor the content I get tagged in, definitely cautious about my status and think twice before sharing something. Everybody does that, some people keep shut and watch, the others do things, make noise and get watched.

I remember in the beginning, we didn’t care, we posted without giving a fuck, we wrote shit on people’s walls. There were no likes in those days. Nothing felt monitored. Just had to keep a cool profile pic tho. Now the game is changed, its become a big deal. Like shit gets taken seriously up there. Its like a hanging out in a club, checking people out, saying the right things and playing it cool and getting liked.

I feel like talking about this because there are days I feel guilty. There are days I forget what I used to do when I did not have my laptop or phone around. There are times I calculate my time and realise I spent most of my day in front of damn screen. I switch from my laptop to my phone and back. I am conscious about it. Most people don’t give shit about the habits they are unconsciously forming. I just am more of reminiscent person. So I question myself a lot. It kinda sucks but Socrates said ‘the life unexamined is not worth living.’ Well, something like that, so, I find it strange when I get more screen time than I asked for. 

I am trying to recall what I used to do when it wasn’t like this. I was much younger, I would wake up, rub my eyes, yawn, stretch, laze in my bed for a while and start a new day. Now it is like I wake up with replies from last nights left over conversations or hazy memories of some stupid video I watched before sleeping.

It is not a fresh start! It is a continuation of yesterday. It is not a new day. I am still plugged into yesterday. 

I don’t know if there are people analysing these rapid changes we are going through. I am doing things today, I would have never done few years back. There is this digital addiction nobody is ready to address. Yes, there are all these posts on the internet about how people need to get of their phones and switch off the screens and get outside. Live in the reality and not virtuality. There has been a lot of talk about what we ought to be doing and how offline is the new luxury and so on. 

I really want someone to trend forecast this issue. Like what is going to happen to us next. Are we going to stay more glued to screens in the future. Is life really going to shift on the inter web. And are we as designers, artists and creators going to build things that look good on screens and not off it?

Most likely? oh god, please no.