morality is grey

There two kinds of people in this world, those who understands Miyazaki films and the others who don’t but fortunate are the ones who understand that it is not important to understand his films. These people know life a little better.

Miyazaki’s work is not meant to be for children, it is a beautiful expression of human emotions which they might understand it only much later. This makes his work mysterious, even though he tries to emphasis on reality through depiction of little human gestures that film maker generally avoid.

People can’t relate to perfection, its unsettling for most. Miyazaki creates a world where morality is complex. Its not all black and white. The protagonist doesn’t have to win, he has to adapt, much like in real life.

Disney can never be a Miyazaki even if it tried. Hayao has never studied screenwriting and perhaps that is why it is so different and honest. He reach out through empathy that the audience projects on his character. He doesn’t try hard, its subtle yet leave an undeniable impact. But perhaps that most beautiful aspect about Miyazaki’s films is that they end when the characters overcome an emotional aspect and not with a tangible reward.