The brief for this project was to design a visual gamut for a brand of niche textiles and products that celebrate Sikkim, its culture, its people and its glorious flora and fauna.

I created concept artworks and illustrations that would be used as inspirations and mood boards and for future projects of KUZU,  the in house brand of Echostream, a multi disciplinary design studio in Gangtok, Sikkim.

I started this project recollecting my own experiences in Sikkim, from the treks to the towns and villages I visited. I listed down the tangible and intangible feelings and attributes that I could extract from that experience. 

For example, extracting visual cues and elements from its topography, climate, flora, fauna and its cultural aspects like the local tribes, local food and festivals.

Although, a large part of the project was spent experimenting with various techniques and mediums, so I could come up with a vast variety of visuals not limited to a certain style sheet or a medium of expression. 


There was immense scope in extracting patterns from nature. After studying formlessness, I went into form studies, starting with realistic sketches to abstract representations. One such way was through making motifs, geometric or organic in their make. 

For KUZU, I created a lot of floral and animal motifs that can have multiple of uses from fabrics to products such as upholstery, wall decals, floor tiles, rugs and more.