Wonder Woman meet Indian Goddess meet Prehistoric Jungle.


From the Dolomities in Italy to Mughal Miniatures from India, made an acrylic piece. <3 


Hand-stitched cards. Just. =)



Experimental book titled as 'Notes to self.' A printed compilation of some self authored text, layered with visual and images collected over the last few months from Indian to German streets.


"Hallo, ich verkaufen selbst gemachte produkte auf Sonntag!"

i.k.a I will be selling hand made products this Sunday!                         -Took some beer bottles and pimped them up pretty.


Thank you random grandmother on youtube for teaching me how to build my very first loom. First loom - first weave. this stuff is addictive and meditative. 



~ Starting with a new season of portraits ~


Left some delicious muesli to roast in the oven, then Netflix happened. Couldn't bare to just throw it away. so this.


Using Kalighat paintings from 19th century Calcutta to create a spread on Hinduism. Classroom assignment for MAID 2016. Hochschule Anhalt, Dessau, Germany.


Designing a tool for Amnesty International to help Refugees integrate better in the German Society. Classroom Project for MAID 2016 with Pablo Porta & Pan Wenwen. Hochschule Anhalt, Dessau, Germany


Upcoming & Excited. Planning to document some Houses of Dessau, Germany, in my classic vector based style. Want to try something more dramatic so will use a very Wes Anderson colour palette. yay!