Him&Her | cheap acrylics

Some paintings are not created. They grow. 

shot some new faces last week

Check them all here

Fuji Filming

Who said self portraits must be painted. I painted myself in a film.

Screen printed Illustration. Wonder Woman meet Indian Goddess meet Prehistoric Jungle. #win

Hand-painted acrylic piece. From the Dolomities in Italy to Mughal Miniatures from India,

Hand-stitched cards. Just. =)


Experimental book titled as 'Notes to self.' 

"Hallo, ich verkaufen selbst gemachte produkte auf Sonntag!"

First loom - first weave. Thank you random grandmother on youtube for teaching me how to build my very first loom. this stuff is addictive and meditative. 


Digital art. Portraits. Starting with a new season. 

Take your broken heart and make it into art.

Informational Poster. Hinduism simplified.

Upcoming vector Art. Houses of Dessau, Germany, in my classic vector style but this time with some Wes Anderson color palettes.