On India & Design

I started out with my focus on craftsmanship, then crafts in India and their sustainable aspects, but along the way I noticed so many more aspects that I did not wish to leave out just because they did not fit under the banner of Handcrafts. India is a curry like I mentioned and in it you find all sort of spices, with every bite you experience a new flavour. So on my little journey I realised by choosing only crafts and arts I was disregarding a lot of incredible little sustainable stories of India that need to be heard. So at the moment I am hoping that this becomes not just about art & craft but about these stories of sustainable culture that India has a vast resource for.

Also I realised that I don’t wish to be the author for all of these stories. I wish to collect them from their best possible sources, the people. It is through conversations that these idea took shape and hence need to be given credit. It was formed not in isolation but in connection.