on storytelling

I need to stop making a big deal about storytelling. Storytelling is like curry. It is there in every Indian dish, every Indian aspect. And after being amidst all the stories I realised that there is no need to separate it and talk about it exclusively. If there is chicken curry for dinner the meat will take centerstage, no one talks about the curry, but it is where most flavour is. Then again curry by its self is just a medium, it needs context, it needs the meat or for my vegan friends the veggies. Storytelling is that curry, full of flavour and yet unrepresented.

When I travelled through some parts of Indian I visited a lot artisans and craftsmen and somehow I felt their arts or crafts were telling stories about them. These hand-crafted mediums carries the message of their culture. They told the story of a place, the people and their lives. And with new art, new material or the death of a craft, there was a lot being said without being spoken. Old cultures are at the risk of extinction whereas new cultures are constantly being formed, just like art, just like craft.