You know that feeling when you totally relate to a famous quotation. That excitement when you hear some famous person talk about things you believe in and but weren’t sure if you should believe in them. That feeling of assurance when some believes in the same things as you. That great feeling. Well, Terry Irvin is that feeling for me. Listening to her or reading her is my way to telling my self that I am not going mad.

In one of her talks she emphasizes on the importance of having a holistic world view. Individualistic views and details are important but we need to know when its enough. Getting to much into the depth of one thing might be futile when viewed from a larger perspective of how the world works.

Relevance is everything. I personally use the word a lot when I critique my work. Irvin asks designers to think and design in longer horizons of time so that what we make today is not irrelevant in a few decades. She really is a fortune teller and her advice for the 21st century is something I absolutely believe in. 

We. We should seek collaboration and cooperation. We should be open to the idea of re-skilling ourselves. We need to slow down and keep a mindful relationship with the environment. Much like Gandhi, she says that one person’s perspective shift can be the cause for a worldwide shift.