Whatever please teaches more effectively

Personal reflections | Classrooms without walls - Marchall Mcluhan 

With the advent of media and technology it became evident that the world was not like the way the books prescribed, it was in fact very flawed. Media showed the grand schemes of things and it dawned on the people that there more significant things then people themselves. Just like how society lost the motivation to “society” when the image of the planet earth was first broadcasted.

The amazing thing about reading Mcluhan is that his insights stay relevant even as the media and technology keeps changing. In fact, I find his writings extremely ominous for the times we live in.

Marshall McLuhan emphasis that we must use new media to its best cause and learn to control it before it unknowingly seeks to control us. Today with the use of smartphones and social media one can easily say that we have lost control over the technology we created. In a way we have failed Mcluhan because we couldn’t use our judgments to discriminate the damaging aspects of this technology.

For the ones who realised are people who romance the past or too stubborn to change or for the better are people who still have a fluid conscious. They can see and sense how their lives and lives around them is systematically being altered. These people know that simultaneous sharing of information (tech & media) brings people together but also dumbs them down (mob mentality). The world is becoming a small place with the sharing of information but we are also losing diversity of thought. Therefore it is important, now more then ever before to have differential education. By that I mean we need to restructure our education systems and provide different ways of filtering information. Information is filtered differently when experienced. Perhaps this is where we need to tap into, experiential education. And if we take that route we sure should hold on to Mcluhan’s words; “Whatever please teaches more effectively.”