At a need to document sustainable aspects, cultures, stories of my beloved country. There is an urgent need to recognise these aspects, Revive and Re-pride them. (the concept of the new three R’s). India has it going, but its fading, there is a need to make people realise we were in good shoes before the western influences arrive, changes that and then comes again decades later to tell us that what we already knew. Our culture needs too be re-identified and promoted through the lens of sustainability.

Maybe in a way we need to retell our stories in way that the suit the current context and way of communication. Change the narrative.


Because they are some of the best examples of sustainable culture. They are slowly dying because of rapid urbanisation and the inflow of international market. Oh and we must re-pride them, not just re-brand.

Any Design thought?

Well, Transition design to me is the best definition of design till date and It influences this need perfectly. Transition Design asks us to act locally but think globally. Keeping a mindful relation with the environment we must develop a holistic view of things we wish to contribute to there world.

Other reflections

Another reason why I am not thinking so much of the outcome because that is passe now, to have this fixed idea of thesis that must materialise in a very tangible and complete format. NOPE, not doing that. By going that way, I believe I cannot come up with anything new, everything will work towards fitting in that perfect little label or hashtag. This time I am willing take risk only because my heart said so.

A database of memories. of love letters to our past.